Video-Prototyping is a technique to visualize ideas and concepts in an audio-visual way. It’s a prototyping-tool to test, refine and communicate innovative ideas with a storytelling approach, using the emotional captivation of moving images.

Here my latest slides from the entrepreneurship summit 2013 in Berlin (in German):

Video-Prototyping is powerful and yet easy to learn. The usecases are many: exploring new ideas, visualizing FAQs, producing viral spots, etc. You think you are not creative enough for that? I will proof, that you are. In workshops I enable people to realize their first own video-prototype in an hour. Here you can see one rough quick example, realised by Christian Vanizette from after being introduced to this method by a workshop of mine.

These videos result from open workshops at events like:
Entrepreneurship Summit 2010
Green Innovation Barcamp 2010
MobileCamp Dresden 2010

There is also a talk with Prof. Faltin of the Foundation for Entrepreneurship from 2010, where he interviews me about Video-Prototyping at his Lab for Entrepreneurship (in German):

Get in touch if you need help or want a workshop on video-prototyping.