We aim at suporting and encouraging social innovation. Human centered design and entrepenrpeurship are the tools to extend the reach and impact of generated ideas and solution concepts.

For this purpose, we have been running many workshops with social innovators, citizens and entrepreneurs. And we worked with universities and students to improve the methodologies and inspire the young generation to get engaged in solving social and environmental issues.

We develop in-house and client driven projects. And we have access to amazing experts in the field of design, sustainability, web development, art and science.

It is all about exploring the power of the digital world and how it enables business opportunities for social change, providing inspiration and knowledge for change makers . For this purpose we work on a collection of amazing and inspiring case studies. If you know about amazing examples for social businesses based on Internet or mobile, please get in touch and share your ideas!


Other posts on . vindoura . exploring or targeting Social Innovation:

“The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic?” is an European social art project. It aims at encouraging social innovation and explores three intertwined goals: Rediscovering the role of the artist in our society, revealing the opportunities of art meeting entrepreneurship, while fostering creative solutions for the issue of water pollution.

In German: Genossenschaften als Unternehmensform für Social Business Models: Durch Genossenschaften wird unternehmerisches Handeln wieder menschlich. Profite kommen nicht anonymen Shareholdern zu Gute, sondern der Gemeinschaft. Und Phänomene wie Crowdfunding oder Open Source tragen genossenschaftliche Prinzipien in die digitale Welt.