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Social Art

The Social Art Award

The Social Art Award invigorates the rise of social art. As we need more visionaries, utopists, agents for change, with the ability to affect society by creating emotionally captivating experiences.

The Universal Sea - Pure or Plastic? Driving social innovation through art meeting entrepreneurship Photo: © Elmar Hess

The Universal Sea – Pure or Plastic

The European social art project encourages social innovation through art meeting entrepreneurship. It is based on three intertwined goals: Rediscovering the role of the artist in our society, revealing the opportunities of art meeting entrepreneurship, while fostering creative solutions for the issue of water pollution.


Präsentation Online-Strategie und Content-Marketing Workshop

Digitale Strategie für Kleinunternehmer Die Intensivworkshops “Online-Strategie und Content-Marketing für Kreative” fokussieren speziell auf Kleinunternehmer und Freiberufler, die das Internet systematisch für ihren unternehmerischen Erfolg nutzen (wollen). Im…

Video-Prototyping Workshop von Viktoria Trosien


Video-Prototyping is a technique to visualize ideas and concepts in an audio-visual way. It’s a prototyping-tool to test, refine and communicate innovative ideas with a storytelling approach, using…

business model for social change

Business Models 4 Social Change

We aim at suporting and encouraging social innovation. Human centered design and entrepenrpeurship are the tools to extend the reach and impact of generated ideas and solution concepts….

On the future of money, finance and banking

Next Money

How will the future of money, payment and banking look like? To elaborate that field I organized the next banking -conference- in 2009 to enable an overview on…


Workshops on Innovation, Trends & Business Models

The digital world provides a huge amount of oportunities for established and new businesses. By enriching existing knowledge and competences with insights and ideas from an outer perspective,…


Events & Presentations

Since 2006 I share my knowledge at different occasions like the entrepreneurship summit by Prof. Faltin, several Barcamps like the MobileCamp in Dresden and conferences like next banking.



Since 2007 Tiburon-TV spotlights European Startups from the Internet and Mobile Scene. Tiburon-TV promotes the European Startup Scene by presenting interviews with players from European Internet, Mobile, Entertainment…